Chirally Correct Skin Care

Chirally correct skin care
Skin Care products are formulated from chirally correct ingredients, meaning only those ingredients that are molecularly appropriate for the human body to use. This factor often occurs in the wholeness of nature. maxandjane includes pure products which are chirally correct, and nothing synthesized. We are purists about our ingredients and about our production.

What is “Chirally Correct”?

Louis Pasteur first recognized a difference in molecules of the same compound in 1848 when he was researching fermentation processes for the wine industry in France. Many scientific discoveries occur accidentally. In this case, Pasteur accidentally re-crystallized a “strange racemic acid” and discovered that it was actually a bond of two chemically identical and yet mirror images of tartaric acid. Since then an equal bond of mirror-image, yet chemically identical, molecules has been called a “racemic mix”.

Most biologically important molecules are chiral. “Chirally correct”, by definition, is used to describe objects (in this case molecules) that are not super imposable on their mirror image. An example of this would be the human hand. No matter how the left and right hands are placed, it is impossible for all the features of both hands to coincide, this is why you cannot place a left glove on a right hand.

The term “chiral” comes from the Greek word for hand XEP (Kheir). In chemistry, chiral usually refers to molecules. Two mirror images of a chiral molecule are called enantiomers or optical isomers. Pairs of isomers are often called “right-handed” or “left-handed”. This is of interest to us because of its applications in organic chemistry.

For example, vitamin E is alpha tocopherol. The mirror images of vitamin E are then called “d-alpha tocopherol” and “l-alpha tocopherol”. Even though these molecules are almost identical – the only difference being the mirror image – the human body can only use one of the molecules. In this case it is the “d-alpha tocopherol” that the human body can use.

When synthetic molecules are created for use in some skincare lines, the synthetic molecules are often mirror image to the natural molecules, as in vitamin E. These synthetic chemicals are identified by a prefix of “d” or “l”.

Chirally correct skincare contains only ingredients that are molecularly appropriate for the human body, with no synthesized products. maxandjane Skin Care includes only pure products which are chirally correct.

maxandjane Skin Care products are chirally correct. Order maxandjane items in our online store.