Intro to our farm

Each ingredient in maxandjane Skin Care compounds is crafted with care, with most grown here in our high desert farm in New Mexico’s Jemez Mountains. Close your eyes and you can almost feel the soft breeze, taste the crisp cool air, and watch a hawk soar against the red rocks and vivid blue sky.

Our farms grow most of our natural and organic skin care ingredients, which are then carefully combined into chirally correct skin care products. Because flowers are dependent on pollination to produce abundant blooms, our fields are home to an apiary housing thousands of honey bees.

From some plants, we harvest the seeds, from others the leaves, pressing the oil and combining with other organic ingredients to create natural skin care products for dry or damaged skin. Order maxandjane online today.

Every summer and fall, our gardens are bursting with beautiful blooms. If you’re in New Mexico, you can come and tour the farm at our annual Open House.