Our approach to skin care products

At maxandjane, we produce skincare products of the highest quality, using natural, and renewable, botanical ingredients. The majority of these ingredients are produced on our farm in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico that we call home. Some ingredients also come from neighboring farms in the nearby valley, with whom we partner, and a select few ingredients come from small, like-minded, organic farms in other climate zones.

How we choose to package our products is also decided through our values in sustainability. We package approximately half of our products in glass, which is 100 percent recyclable, and the other half in airless pump containers. The airless technology is necessary for products that are fresh and natural, as it prevents oxidation of the formulas. These bottles can also be recycled.

Our goals in our two companies are to have a working, innovative, sustainable farm, and to produce an income that will help to support this valley. We are happy to share what we learn, and to be an example for other sustainable farmers here in the high desert. Many of our clients who live in New Mexico have attended our annual farm tour to see first-hand our connected, beautiful, and productive, human-managed ecosystem, and a growing business.

The farm encompasses food, herbal, and flower production, has windbreaks, regenerative earthworks, conservation of water use, fruit and nut trees, herbal production facilities, riparian windbreaks, and harmonizes with the natural communities, while using renewable energy. We run almost completely on solar power, use beneficial and organic products for insect control, have three active bee hives for pollination, and are building dark, rich soil in our terraced growing areas.

Sustainability is our passion at maxandjane Skincare, and our parent farm, Jemez Mountain Flowers. It is the ever present, underlying thought in all of our decision-making processes and goals.

maxandjane strives to be a socially responsible business, prioritizing education, and socially beneficial aims above profit making. This is our community, and we support sustainability for our soil, for ourselves, and for the heirloom varieties of herbs and flowers that we grow. We are about balance in work and life, and we believe in the wholeness of nature.