Most of us know that proper hydration is essential to having a healthy body and glowing skin. For some people it’s easy to get in eight or more glasses per day, whereas others struggle to gulp down one or two between cappuccinos. Whether you’re in the board room or working on the farm like us, it’s important to supplement your skincare regimen with water throughout the day.

So how exactly does drinking water influence your skin? Many people identify as having dry, oily, or combination skin. What many of them don’t know is that when the skin feels tight, flaky or “dry” it may actually be dehydrated. When the skin is dry it is lacking oil, whereas when the skin is dehydrated, it is lacking water. The best way to tell if your skin is dehydrated is to lightly pinch the skin on your forehead between your first and second fingers – if it looks thin or like crepe paper you may be dehydrated.

What’s the best way to rehydrate thirsty skin? maxandjane toner has an amazing blend of water, organic green tea and aloe vera that will deliver moisture directly to your cells. The active ingredient in it is witch hazel that doesn’t contain alcohol. Alcohol can dehydrate your skin topically the same way that it dehydrates your body if you drink a martini.

How much water should you drink per day to keep your skin happy? We aim for 1/2 an ounce per pound of body weight. To figure out how much water you should drink per day, divide your body weight in 1/2, that’s your goal in ounces. For example, a 140lb person should get about 70 ounces of water per day which is about 8 1/2 glasses. Keep in mind that coffee, soda, alcohol and sugary drinks are diuretics so you need to have an extra glass of water for each of these drinks that you indulge in. Wind, sun, exercise and sweat also add up so make sure to add an additional glass for every 15 minutes of exposure.

What are your favorite ways to hydrate your body? Comment below or send them to us at moc.e1555658624najdn1555658624axam@1555658624ofni1555658624 to enter to win a free maxandjane gentle everyday toner.

Wishing you a happy and healthy week,

Max and Jane