Is Healthy Skin Your First Impression?


Today I was shopping in a high end shopping area with my adult daughter, and I was patiently waiting while she tried on a lot of clothes. So I had the opportunity to see other women come out of the dressing cubicles and into the large mirror areas and comment on their potential purchases with each other. These women had great clothes, great haircuts, and beautiful accessories, but there was one area that didn’t match the rest of the style, and that was their faces. I couldn’t help but notice that they had uneven, actually rough, rather than smooth, skin, and that their skin tone was dull as opposed to luminous.

As we walked around the other shops later, I noticed that more than half the women’s faces were looking quite dull.

So I am just curious to know if you are pleased with your skin tone and texture, and does it match the overall image that you want to portray? Because if you need a little system to improve dull or rough looking skin, it is so simple! Let me tell you the how and why. There are three steps. They don’t cost much, and they take very little time.

Cleansing is the first requirement. Regular, consistent, gentle cleansing.

Our skin is composed of layers and there are follicles that come through these layers. When skin cells die in a lower layer, the follicle is designed to take one dead skin cell up and out at a time, propelled by sebum, a hormone laden oil product, up along the follicle, and be sloughed off on the surface of your skin. Some people have the wrong hormone balance in the sebum, and some people have too many skin cells dying off at one time, because of genetics, or just inadequate skin nutrients.

Excess sebum can also dry and clog the pores and create what is in essence a plug that doesn’t belong close to the surface of your skin. Your follicles are not designed or able to remove multiple dead cells, or oil plugs that have become hardened. It is a difficult job. Applying a healthy skin nutrient oil in a very small amount on your face, then using a warm wash cloth to gently remove the oil, can soften the plugged sebum, and reduce it day by day. This is a great use of oil cleansing.

Next you must use toner. Witch hazel and aloe in a toner will do some final cleansing as well as tightening your skin (who wants puffy skin?) and correcting the Ph so that your skin is ready to accept moisture.

When we participate in events, and I am in front of customers, I can guess fairly accurately who uses toner, and who will say, ” I just want these three products, but I don’t need the toner, I never use it.” It shows. Just saying, the people who use toner have visibly better skin.

The last of the three steps that you need to do, is add a moisturizing layer. I love hyalauronic acid products. Whatever your skin is exposed to, whether heat, air conditioning, pollution, stress, wind, sun, sweat, lights, you need to help it out and provide what it had when you very young. We make less hyalauronic acid from age 18 on, but most of us don’t realize it till we are in our forties. Don’t be fooled, the aging process is the one that you want to fool.

So three steps twice per day, morning and evening. This process literally takes two minutes each time. And skin likes regularity, so just make it a habit. Your skin will show huge results in 30 days, and in 90 days you may decide shopping for new clothes is not as important as glowing healthy skin, nice posture, and a frequent smile. Self care is very satisfying, and you may even influence others by your good example, a daughter, a granddaughter, or a friend.

It’s a fairly inexpensive routine, very quick, and very rewarding. Go ahead and give it a 30 day test. You may be amazed.