A word on moisturizers, or how to look beautiful and feel well moisturized in winter air!

Oh winter air can be harsh!

So what do you need to know to determine the best moisturizer for you, at this time of year? We get asked this question a lot, whether people are outdoors, or inside with heating on, or changing from cold to hot as they move from one situation to another. Well, of our four moisturizers, the answer, to a great extent, will depend on you! Our skin has unique tendencies, so you need to identify your skin challenges (which you are likely to be pretty sure of), and then add the element of cold dry air.
Once you identify your skin challenge, lo and behold, the fix becomes apparent. So let’s break this down into a four challenge list. If you have more than one of these issues, work on the most problematic first, it will be your foundation issue, and you will make the greatest improvement by addressing this issue first.

Type One : Wrinkles are appearing, skin is not holding hydration, and uneven skin tone is present
Type Two: Skin is extremely dry and tight in all areas of the face, and likely neck and hands
Type Three: Skin is loosing elasticity, perhaps beginning to sag, and a firm, healthy appearance is dimming
Type Four: Skin is irregular, far from smooth, may have red or inflamed areas, and perhaps getting flaky

Remedies for Type One: This type identifies aging skin, which actually begins as early as in our twenties, when fine lines begin to appear, and we need to increase the antioxidants in our diet. More veggies, people! And if you are consuming alcohol, more water also. We produce an element called Hyaluronic Acid in our bodies, and we peak in production of this element at about age 17. After that we make less and less as the years go by. Babies, with their “baby soft skin” are loaded with H.A. As we age, we need to replace the H.A., especially as it is the bond between collagen, and elastin, our connective tissues. If you don’t have enough H.A. to make this bond happen, that’s the beginning of a wrinkle, and who wants wrinkles?
Enter maxandjane Eye Nutrient, with a whomping 20 per cent, pure plant based Hyaluronic Acid, in an Aloe base. This product was designed to help wrinkles around the eyes, and prevent future wrinkles from occurring. Don’t be misled by the name ‘Eye Nutrient” , I personally use it on my whole face, every morning, after cleansing and toning, and the I have far less wrinkles now than I had 5 years ago. Btw, the highest percentage of Hyaluronic Acid that I could find in any other skin care line, was 5 per cent, so maxandjane Eye Nutrient is quite concentrated.

max and jane Eye Nutrient

Remedies for Type Two: There are some people who have extremely dry skin, due to environment, or as a side effect of meds they are taking, or who simply don’t get enough good fats in their diet, or don’t hydrate to meet their need. Dry skin lacks oil, and Dehydrated Skin lacks water. If any of these situations occur for a serious amount of time, the facial skin gets extremely dry, and the person needs a moisturizing solution that will moisturize deeply, and last for many hours. Also, the skin’s Sebaceous glands tend to decline with age, and they are our skin’s natural hydrators.  In this situation, one should use a gentle cleanser, without any alcohol (as alcohol is always drying), and a heavy cotton washcloth or a facial loofah, to remove the cleanser and dead skin cells, and to improve circulation.
MaxandJane users have found that our Mandarin Firming Cream, mixed in the palm of their hand with an equal amount of maxandjane Eye Nutrient, provides a deep moisture treatment that can be used daily, and lasts up to eighteen hours! We joke that if we ever produce this combo and name it, it has to have the underline on the label of “ Eighteen Hour Moisturizer”. The Mandarin Firming Cream contains two unique ingredients which are both firming and moisturizing, and they are the Hazelnut Oil and the Seaweed.

maxandjane Mandarin Firming Cream

Remedies for Type Three: This profile person would be lacking in Collagen. Again, age takes it’s toll, and at some point in our twenties, variable timing for each person, but for sure by thirty, we are loosing one per cent of collagen per year. That doesn’t make me happy, because now in my sixties, I have lost at least 40 per cent of what I once had! As humans, we are gravity fed creatures, so lacking collagen, and with gravity present, our faces are going to start sagging. Not a nice word.
How do we get collagen back in? Well, collagen doesn’t absorb easily into the skin, so I now take a collagen supplement, a small scoop a day to help my whole body. But for our faces, we want to have a product that works well there, and that requires a lot of natural source Vitamin C to be present at the same time. The Hyaluronic Acid with the natural Vitamin are the most important ingredients in maxandjane’s Nimbus Rose Cream. It’s an extremely light weight and elegant moisturizer, hence the name “ Nimbus” like the cloud, and ‘Rose’ as it’s in a base of Rose hydrosol. Rose happens to be extremely beneficial for older skin. This product should be used at night, because the most healing and repairing occurs during our deep sleep periods, so it’s great to use after cleansing and directly on bare skin, before bed, so it can have the most effect.

maxandjane Nimbus Rose

Remedies for Type Four: The Type Four Profile person has complex dry skin, lacking both oil and moisture, and often needs added nutrients as well. Contrary to popular thought, that oil and water don’t mix, oil and water do work together to make the skin healthy. Your skin must have enough moisture in the skin cells, but there also has to be the appropriate amount of healthy oils present, to prevent excessive  evaporation of the moisture from the surface layers of the skin. Complex dry skin may look dull, scaly or uneven, but can also show fine lines, discoloration, enlarged pores, brown spots, and sagging skin. This type of dry skin is most often found on areas of the skin which has been the most exposed to harsh elements. Also this skin could be aggravated by environmental factors, chemicals, harsh soaps, poor diet, bathing in excessive hot waters, over consumption of alcohol, coffee, sodas and medications. This person would likely benefit from taking supplements of essential fatty acids, a B complex Vitamin, some zinc, some Vitamin A, and some Vitamin E. All of these nutrients are also in maxandjane Skin Nutrient, which is used in small amounts, applied directly to the entire face, but avoiding the eye area. The nutrient load in this product is truly astounding, and there is great information on our website, maxandjane.com, under each ingredient in this formula.

Hope you have learned a lot by reading this! Feel free to use the links to find the products and enjoy 10% off of maxandjane Eye Nutrient, maxandjane Mandarin Firming Cream, maxandjane Nimbus Rose, and/or maxandjane Skin Nutrient with coupon code ChillAir now thru Februay 3rd 2019. We welcome  your sharing of this information and ask that you please credit the source. Here’s to healthy and supple, well nourished skin! Bright and Beautiful

          – Jane