Glow Recipe!

Sensitive skin this time of year?

Skin IS sensitive at this time of year, with seasons changing, and temperatures and humidity rising and falling. Wind outdoors, heating, or air conditioning indoors, all are stressors that our skin reacts to. At maxandjane, we are all about cleansing very gently, but thoroughly, and then comforting and protecting the skin with beautiful products.

One of our most comforting products for your skin is maxandjane Nimbus Rose. It’s an elegant, lightweight  moisturizer, which is loaded with collagen and Natural Vitamin C.

I  personally use Nimbus Rose daily now, and very frequently I run into a customer that’s using it, and they tell me how much they love it. Max says “I love how smooth it makes my skin feel, for hours!”

Are you familiar with double cleansing? One small way to start on smoother skin.

Maybe you have a multiple step cleansing routine? I have to say, I am glad that the idea is getting popular now. The Korean women, who love very smooth, perfect looking skin, started this trend, literally ages ago, understanding that the beauty comes from the inside out, so you need to get deep cleansing accomplished, once per day.

At maxandjane, we think this should be before bed, as the most skin healing occurs at night during your deep sleep periods. Also the double cleansing is needed more when you may have had makeup on during the day, and been exposed to pollution in the environment. Your morning cleanse then can be simpler and a little quicker, though our deeper cleansing routine takes only a few minutes. So here comes the explanation!

 Basically, the double cleansing routine means that you cleanse your face in two steps, and we do it a little differently than most, first using our maxandjane Transilience Calming Cleanser, and then going deeper with our Tourmaline Exfoliant. The cleanser is in a foaming bottle, so it’s best to wet your hands and place one pump of cleanser into your palms and then apply to your entire face and neck. Use small circular motions to cleanse, then remove with water alone, or a warm, damp washcloth. Warm, never hot on the face. This is an amazing cleanse anytime, but let’s do an even deeper cleanse.

So next comes the Tourmaline Exfoliant. Apply a moderate layer of Tourmaline Exfoliant, about a teaspoon full, over all your face, excluding the eye area, and massage into your skin. This is an extremely gentle Exfoliant. You can feel the powder of the very fine Tourmaline, and you can feel the base of jojoba pearls. Many people don’t know that Jojoba is actually an ester, a wax and not an oil, and it most closely mimics healthy sebum, which is the hormone laden oil that we bring to our skin’s surface from layers beneath. The jojoba pearls will melt with the heat of your hands, and loosen the oil based dirts. So the maxandjane Tourmaline Exfoliant is cleansing in two ways, from deep down, softening sebum, and on the surface, removing dead skin cells and pollutants that can make our skin look rough, tired, dull etc. In effect, the Tourmaline Exfoliant is a two part cleanser on it’s own!

And yes, your skin will thank you!

The first step (Transilience Calming Cleanser) gets out dirt and surface impurities, and the second step ( Tourmaline Exfoliant)  gets out deeper issues like pollutants from our environment, and problems from poor diet choices.

The third step is to nourish this clean palette that you have created, with our elegant, light weight moisturizer, called maxandjane Nimbus Rose. It’s loaded with collagen and natural Vitamin C, in a rose hydrosol base, and it will nourish and protect your skin for an easy eight hours.

Nimbus Rose - Vitamin C and Collagen Infusion

By now you are getting the idea, that this few minutes each day to pamper yourself is a great way to get the long term benefits of smoother and more vibrant skin. These self care techniques can really make your look and feel your best. Natural beauty, a healthy looking glow, and confidence, all support each other!

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