Glow Recipe!

Skin IS sensitive at this time of year, with seasons changing, and temperatures and humidity rising and falling. Wind outdoors, heating, or air conditioning indoors, all are stressors that our skin reacts to. At maxandjane, we are all about cleansing very gently, but thoroughly, and then comforting and protecting the skin with beautiful products. One … Continue reading “Glow Recipe!”

A word on moisturizers, or how to look beautiful and feel well moisturized in winter air!

Oh winter air can be harsh! So what do you need to know to determine the best moisturizer for you, at this time of year? We get asked this question a lot, whether people are outdoors, or inside with heating on, or changing from cold to hot as they move from one situation to another. … Continue reading “A word on moisturizers, or how to look beautiful and feel well moisturized in winter air!”

What Are Skin Identical Ingredients?

Skin Identical Ingredients are important because they are skin repairing ingredients. We are referring to the substances between skin cells, the intercellular matrix, which helps to keep skin cells connected and helps to maintain the skin’s fundamental external structure. Skin Identical Ingredients in the outermost layer of the skin include: ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol, … Continue reading “What Are Skin Identical Ingredients?”

Where Have All the Monarchs Gone?

At our farm, we grow our own ingredients for our skin care products. Keeping our plants healthy and productive is vital. Bees and butterflies act as pollinators, spreading pollen from the male plants to female plants, which then produces robust blooms. We’re strong proponents of building habitats in our mountain valley for these creatures, … Continue reading “Where Have All the Monarchs Gone?”

You’ll love our products

Whether it’s food, medicinal treatments or skin care products, when there is the choice between natural, wholesome products or those produced with chemicals, we think the choice is very clear. The more natural a product is, the better it is for you. Our natural skin care products at maxandjane are created with organically grown ingredientsthat we grow ourselves, here in … Continue reading “You’ll love our products”

Our approach to skin care products

At maxandjane, we produce skincare products of the highest quality, using natural, and renewable, botanical ingredients. The majority of these ingredients are produced on our farm in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico that we call home. Some ingredients also come from neighboring farms in the nearby valley, with whom we partner, and a select … Continue reading “Our approach to skin care products”