Our Farm

maxandjane organic farm

The story of maxandjane Skincare and parent company, Jemez Mountain Flowers, began in 2013 in the high desert of northern New Mexico. We started our own small-scale farm in order to make the finest natural skin care products possible. We established growing areas for botanicals, flowers and herbs, and from these we produce our exquisite skin care products. We now produce the majority of maxandjane ingredients on our farm.

jemezThe farm encompasses food, herbal, and flower production, has windbreaks, regenerative earthworks, conservation of water use, fruit and nut trees, herbal production facilities, riparian windbreaks, and harmonizes with the natural communities, while using renewable energy. We run almost completely on solar power, use beneficial and organic products for insect control, have active bee hives for pollination, and are building dark, rich soil in our terraced growing areas.

We grow approximately 200 varieties of plants, shrubs and trees on our farm. We are very pleased with how well our production of Sea Buckthorn is doing. Sea Buckthorn is a source of Omega-7 which is being touted as the new “anti-aging” omega oil. We produce the oil from the whole berries. Our plants are thriving. Native to Russia and Northern China, where the desert meets the mountain and the soil is rather alkaline, they are well-suited the conditions in New Mexico. We are also pleased with our Goji production. We currently have 140 happy plants and on a sunny day max can be found standing in the field consuming Goji berries for long periods of time.

We are happy to share what we learn, and to be an example for and partner with other sustainable farmers here in the high desert. Many of our clients who live in New Mexico have attended our annual farm tour to see first-hand our connected, beautiful, and productive, human-managed ecosystem.

All are invited to join us once a year, on designated Open House and Farm Tour dates, to visit the farm.