Seasons Changing Steamer


Seasons Changing herbal Steamer, to have your own spa experience at home!


100% organic, herbal Steamer, to have your own spa experience at home! Steam facials have been used for decades by esthetician as part of a classic facial. We have upgraded ours with the use of beautiful flowers and herbs that provide sensational aromatherapy, and open pores, soften skin, cleanse, and aid circulation.

The resulting tea is a wonderful, healthful beverage also, and a delight to add to a long, soaking bath for additional calming and self care benefits. Truly heavenly.

Formulated for moving from warmer to cooler weather, this Steamer contains:
Cornflower, Rosemary, Cardamon, Juniper Berry, Star Anise, Rosehips, and Orange Peel. Cleansing and refreshing.
100% organic. 2 oz weight. Enough for 2-3 treatments.

How to Use Steamers:
Simmer up to one ounce of the herbs, in a small pot for three minutes. Remove from the heat and place a towel over your head and the pot, to create a steam tent. Be sure to keep your face at least eight inches from the water. Steam 5-15 minutes, once per week. Strain the remaining tea, each time, and you can drink a small cup of it while adding the rest to a relaxing bath. For ultimate stress relief, a 30 minute bath is recommended.

Additional suggestions: Open up a capsule of Vitamin E or Vitamin A, and rub contents around the eyes and in wrinkles before you steam. Heavenly.