About Us

maxWe are two “real” people — partners in business and in life. We are living our dream, doing what we love. Living and farming in the beautiful high desert of northern New Mexico among red rocks, green fields and stunning blue skies.

Jane is a master herbalist. For over 30 years she has produced hebal formulas for clients and their specific needs. 30 years ago, max established and ran a successful business that produced solar and other energy-conservation products. In addition to bringing our years of experience and integrity to maxandjane, we truly love where we live and what we do!

janePlants grown in the high desert produce very concentrated essential oils. This process occurs in response to the intense sun and wind here. The use of these oils in maxandjane products means they are potent and highly beneficial. A little goes a long way. Also, the aromatherapy of maxandjane products is balancing, grounding and beneficial. We love jasmine and chamomile for sensitive skin, geranium and neroli for dehydrated skin, carrot essential oil for mature skin, and rosemary for combination skin. Aromatherapy is beautiful and intriguing; it reminds us of the spice trade and alchemy and seems to bring on the connection of scent and the soul.

flowerOur body care products are made for men, women and children. We use synergistically formulated ingredients to nourish the skin, adding powerful, natural sources of vitamins, antioxidents, and essential fatty acids. These protect your skin from the sun, are antiseptic, and firming. They are especially important for dry and aging skin, which suffers from a lack of collagen and elastin.

Once a year, on designated Open House and Farm Tour dates, you can visit our farm and stroll through the fields where we personally grow many of the flowers and herbal ingredients.

It is our hope that you will connect with nature and experience something of our organic lifestyle through maxandjane products!