Our Organic Skin Care Ingredients


Acai Berry Oil

Containing B1, B2, B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, iron, phosphorous, calcium, and potassium, Omega 6 and Omega 9; it is a very powerful antioxidant including anthocyanins and phenols. It is a great moisturizer, used to heal dry or cracked skin and it is beneficial for eczema and psoriasis. It is good for acne and it penetrates skin rapidly.


Aloe Vera

This astringent and anti-inflammatory contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Aloe Vera increases blood circulation which helps the detoxification process.


Avocado Oil

Avocado oil heals by soothing the skin as it has high hydrocarbon content. This is believed to help dry skin, softening rough or dry flaky skin. Avocado oil helps to maintain skin tone.



The organic beeswax in our maxandjane Lip Nutrient is used to create the perfect consistency and lasting power.


Black Cumin Seed Oil

High in vitamins A, B, and C, it can minimize wrinkles, scars from burns, and skin infections. It is a highly moisturizing oil. This oil has been used for centuries in the Middle East for problem skin conditions and is showing promise in current research for autoimmune skin conditions.


Brazilian Tourmaline Powder

Tourmaline is a crystal silicate mineral which is piezoelectric and pyro electric. This means tourmaline can generate a minute electrical charge under pressure, and with temperature change. These factors are believed to help vitalize the skin by stimulation through warmth, and helping to produce new collagen, especially when combined with massage.



This flower is highly effective in preventing skin from over drying. It soothes damaged skin, speeds healing, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory.


Calendula Oil

This oil is soothing, softening and famous for healing of damaged skin. Like the flower that it is derived from it is a strong anti-inflammatory


Carrot Seed Oil

This oil regenerates dry, mature, and wrinkled skin. It is high in antioxidants, and good for stressed skin. Carrot Seed Oil helps normalize both dry and oily skin. It combats the appearance of aging.



This herb is soothing, and highly anti-inflammatory. Chamomile oils are extra rich in nutrient for skin repair.


Coco Glucoside

Derived from coconut oil and fruit sugar, Coco Glycoside helps increase the foaming capacity of a product as well as gently cleansing the skin.


Cucumber Hydrosol

Cucumber Hydrosol is a soothing, healing anti-inflammatory. Our product is steam distilled from the whole fruit.


Distilled Water

The water used in our products has been heated to the boiling point to separate out impurities. Distillation removes debris, solids, minerals, bacteria, and leaves only the pure, uncontaminated water.



This highly aromatic and flavorful herb is part of the carrot family and known to be invigorating, restorative and stimulating.



Known for it’s anti aging, rejuvenating and healing properties; frankincense brings balance and peace and helps overcome stress.


Ginkgo Bilbao Leaf

Known for it’s revitalizing, stimulating and firming qualities; it provides rosier, younger looking skin.


Ginseng Root

Ginseng stimulates cell growth, brightens complexion, and assists the rejuvenation of aged skin.


Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola has shown significant results in healing of skin and reducing scars including stretch marks. It increases collagen production and helps to detoxify skin,


Green Tea

Green Tea is known for it’s high antioxidant capabilities and recently it has been studied for sun protection and for slowing down age related skin damage.


Hemp Seed Oil

High in Omega 6 and in a lovely 3:1 ratio to Omega 3, it is almost a perfect match to healthy human skin oil requirements. Hemp seed oil is all about balance. It penetrates the skin easily. It is a great lubricant. It evens out skin tone, helps to heal lesions, detoxifies the skin and does not clog pores. Hemp Seed Oil contains significant amounts of vitamin D.



A member of the mallow family, this flower has cooling and cleansing effects. Polyphenol compounds have been found in this flower which makes it an anti-inflamatorry.


Hyalauronic Acid

Hyaluronanic acid is involved in tissue repair. This is a moisture binding ingredient that keeps skin hydrated and young looking.


Jasmine Sambac

A very lovely floral note that is mood lifting and soothing for both dry and sensitive skin.


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is a pure and natural oil from the seed of the Jojoba Tree. It is very similar to the oils that are naturally produced under the skin, which are sebum containing messaging enzymes. This is helpful for skin that over produces oil and for combination skin. Jojoba is an excellent moisturizer forming a very thin non-oily layer on the skin. Thus it allows pores to remain open for proper functioning and yet it absorbs readily into the inner cellular spaces in the first two layers of the skin.



Lavender has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes rapid healing and has a calming effect on the skin and senses.



Lecithin is a natural lipid that occurs in most living cells. It is used in skin care formulas, to help prevent moisture loss, and it also provides a smooth, creamy, consistency for the product .


Licorice Root

This herb has amazing anti- inflammatory properties and it is used to soothe and relax tired, dry, skin.


Life Everlasting Flower

This plant is full of great fatty acids and has antioxidants that protect the integrity of skin care formulas. It is uplifting and energizing, skin brightening and protective.



Linolool is a naturally occurring terpene found in many flowers and spice plants. It is used as an anti fungal agent in natural skin care. Linolool is necessary for the production of Vitamin E in the body.


Malva Flowers

Malva flowers contain flavonoids, essential oil, vitamin C and other medicianal substances. Malva is gentle and soothing, and especially good for inflamed and irritated skin.


Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is a flowering herb that is related to the ragweed and daisy family. This herb is best known as a powerful antioxidant.



Traditionally used as a remedy for cuts and rashes as well as insect and snake bites, this herb is known to stimulate collagen production and is naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


Pomegranate Seed Oil

High in Omega 5, it is a good source of conjugated linoleic acid. It improves skin texture and tone, and it is being studied for its potential to enhance the appearance of aging skin. It is thought to stimulate and regenerate major cells in the epidermis called keratinocytes. It has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Pumpkin Seed Butter

Pumpkin Seed is high in Vitamins A and C, zinc, trace minerals, fatty acids, sterols, and oleic and linoleic acids. It can strengthen weak or aging skin because the Vitamin A derivatives boost the skin’s Retinoic Acid receptors and they are the cellular element responsible for skin cell turnover rates. When we are young, skin cells die off in about one month and travel to the surface to be sloughed off. As we age, this process can take up to twice as long.


Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil is high in Vitamins A and C, zinc, trace minerals, fatty acids, sterols, and oleic and linoleic acids. It is known to regulate sebum production, so it is beneficial for acne. It can strengthen weak or aging skin. The Vitamin A derivatives boost the skin’s Retinoic Acid receptors and they are the cellular element responsible for skin cell turnover rates. When we are young, skin cells die off in about one month and travel to the surface to be sloughed off. As we age this process can take up to twice as long.


Raspberry Seed Oil

This oil is rich in alpha linoleic oil, which is anti-inflammatory. It is high in Vitamin A and E and in Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids. It is U.V. Protectant and very stable chemically which creates more stability for the fragile oils in the formula.



Rosemary revitalizes, refreshes, promotes circulation, helps dark circles and is a natural preservative.


Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil is so gentle that it can be used undiluted on sensitive skin. It is loaded with bioflavonoids, which are great antioxidants. It has been used for stretch marks, sun damage, scars, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, and age spits. It penetrates immediately and leaves no residue.


Rose Hydrosol

A wonderful smelling flower water, Rose Hydrosol is a great emollient for the skin and is a balancer of the spirit.



Known to be relaxing, toning, cooling and soothing, it has a history of being highly anti aging, anti inflammatory and sensual.


Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil is rich in Omega 7. it is particularly helpful after exposure to the sun. it has been used to treat skin burns from radiation and also is helpful with ulcerated skin. Sea buckthorn Oil is high in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and C. It has a naturally occurring orange color which disappears almost instantly when absorbed by the skin.


Sesame Oil

Has an ingredient called sesamol, which is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a great emmolient, and loaded with naturally occurring Vitamin E as an additional antioxidant.


Shave Grass

Shave Grass provides silica for ease of movement and so is thought to prevent wrinkles.


Silk Peptides

The 18 amino acids from silk cocoons support collagen and elastin repair of skin. They have calming and strengthening effects. Our small particle size can absorb deeply into the skin. This helps retain moisture, and helps control the growth of melanin (dark pigmentation) and the peptides add a glowing sheen for brightness.


Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is calming and moisturizing. It is high in Vitamins A, C, and D. It penetrates into skin deeply and so does wonders for dry skin. It calms redness and irritation. It is used for acne and it is used for eczema.


Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerine is a thick, colorless, odorless compound which is water soluble and non toxic. Ours is a pure, organic source. It is used in formulas to help the skin retain moisture and to pull oxygen into the skin. Vegetable glycerine can soften and soothe skin.



A very grounding oil, Vetiver is both relaxing and comforting. It is a rich, satisfying and earthy oil.


Non Alcohol Witch Hazel

Our non alcohol witch hazel is derived solely from botanical sources. It is one of the most gentle products to cleanse and condition your skin without over drying. Non alcohol witch hazel is recommended for sensitive skin.


Xanthum Gum

Xanthum Gum provides the correct consistency for our product. It is a plant based material.