At maxandjane, sustainability is one of our ever-present, underlying thoughts in our decision-making processes and goals. In addition to the company being financially sustainable, we sought to create a product that enhances the vitality and well-being of the customer, the community, and the planet.

jemezcloudsWe consciously choose to operate all aspects of the business in a way that maximizes sustainability. For example, we use solar energy to power the farm. We also capture and store rain water, and conserve it by using deep mulch to reduce evaporation. The mulch we use is pecan shell from the southern part of our state, with the added benefit of zinc for the soil.

skincareHow we choose to package our products is also decided through our values in sustainability. We package approximately half of our products in glass, which is 100 percent recyclable, and the other half in airless pump containers. The airless technology is necessary for products that are fresh and natural, as it prevents oxidation of the formulas. These bottles can also be recycled.

With changes in weather, environment, economics and politics it is yet to be known what will be required in the future to be “sustainable.” Let us hope that in the future, we will all stay flexible, open-minded, and learning about what’s best for the planet as well as ourselves. At maxandjane we strive to be a socially responsible business, prioritizing education, and socially beneficial aims above profit making. This is our community, and we support sustainability for our soil, for ourselves, and for the heirloom varieties of herbs and flowers that we grow. We are about balance in work and life, and we believe in the wholeness of nature.