Winner 2017 Yoga Journal Natural Beauty Awards


“I LOVE this all natural, organic product and highly recommend it. It feels so nourishing, smells wonderful and makes my skin feel great!”


[*Individual results may vary]

Imagine skin care products so nourishing, so beautiful that they allow aging or damaged skin to correct itself as nature designed.

The maxandjane Skin Care line includes light-weight, deeply nourishing and chirally correct skin care products made from natural and organic ingredients. These products are designed to elegantly and deeply nourish your skin.

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Learn how our 22 herbs and 11 oils can even out skin tone, reduce visible imperfections, and enhance natural luminosity. maxandjane Skin Nutrient, Eye Nutrient and Lip Nutrient provide all day hydration, help to restore elasticity, work to repair the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking firmer, more supple and more radiant.

About maxandjane

Imagine the moment when the sun’s rays first paint the clouds in hues of gold and pink, and the promise of a new day opens before you.

maxandjane Skin Care products are crafted from nature and designed to nourish your body, just as a gentle rain cleanses the morning sky and nurtures our gardens.

Grown on our sunny high desert farm with plentiful soft breezes, the herbs produce a higher content of oils, nature’s way to helping the plant survive in rigorous conditions. That makes maxandjane products a very intense and healing skin treatment.

We created maxandjane and our body care product line, made from organic ingredients, to bring a natural skin care line to men and women. We begin with a base of organic cold pressed jojoba and sunflower oils, infuse them with fresh herbs and blend in pure essential oils.

Visit our farm and imagine you are strolling through the fields where we personally grow many of our flowers and herbal ingredients.